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April 27, 2020

The continued overhang of the COVID-19 virus is around us everywhere in our daily lives. It surrounds us in the news, in the media and in the way things have changed in how we work and live. We really appreciate that you, our clients, are really in the thick of it as you deal with the public and all the fears and realities of some really sick people and all the related issues around Surge, Supply, Community readiness and support.

This week brought a New Beginning to the process and gave us a view of how things will be much better going forward. With the loosening of the Stay at Home restrictions for several states across the country there is a recognition that the worst of this may be behind us all soon. Between that fact and the warmer temperatures in the northern sates (although we counted snow 8 times this past week in Michigan) we can only hope that Spring helps to bring us out of the thaw of the pandemic. Our major chains were packed this weekend as curbside pick-up brought people out in droves to work around their houses and start their Spring flowers.

Keep a positive approach to your daily activity and know that you need family, sleep, exercise and good nutrition to keep your energy in this emotional roller coaster. Please let us know if circumstances develop which allow us to assist in any way we can. We want to make sure we are cognizant of those roadblocks or barriers which keep you from turning the corner on New Beginnings for your organizations. We really appreciate our clients!

Have a good week!!!

Ronald K. Rybar


Important Covid-19 Updates


May 13 – 14, 2020: Michigan Center for Rural Health – Julie Hardy and Caren Puvalowski presenting ” Getting Paid for What You Do in an RHC” From Charging to Cost Reports”

May 18 – 20, 2020:  BDO Alliance Conference – Claudine Hildreth and Rick Reid attending

May 17, 2020:  BDO Alliance BRN Summit – Claudine HIldreth to attend