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We are pleased to announce that Merry MacGirr, CHFP has joined us as a Reimbursement Consultant

With over twenty-five years as a healthcare financial management professional, Merry offers an expertise that covers a wide range of initiatives centered around using the cost report as a tool for optimizing reimbursement.
Merry has worked in a variety of roles in the finance departments of health systems, including multiple years as a Chief Financial Officer. She has developed an in-depth knowledge of Medicare and Medicaid cost reporting in a variety of provider settings, and the significant impacts of these documents on the financial success of the organization. Her years of experience include work with the Medicaid DSH surveys, revenue cycle, contractual allowances, and audit preparation and support This hands-on provider experience will be instrumental as Merry offers our clients innovative problem-solving capabilities and the ability to link business strategies to successful outcomes.

Industry News and Updates

Medicare HMO Reimbursement Impact on CAHs

As Medicare patients are moving from traditional coverage to a HMO product, it is important to ensure your contracts and payment model are moving appropriately as well.

With Medicare allowed cost based reimbursement to Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs), your Medicare HMO reimbursement needs to be reviewed to ensure you are receiving rates that are based on your facility’s costs.

Are you confident you are receiving all the reimbursement you are entitled to?

As a rural healthcare provider, you are an extremely important asset in your community. Specializing in CAH reimbursement, The Rybar Group will work to ensure that you are receiving appropriate Medicare HMO payments and that you have implemented a sound cost reimbursed strategy.

To further discuss what the transition can mean to you and your facility’s revenue, contact The Rybar Group today.


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