President’s Message

Ron Rybar 1962

Working for many years across a range of healthcare financial services, we have experienced first-hand the many administrative and bureaucratic pitfalls inherent in the industry. The Rybar Group was founded in 1989 with a mission to provide high-quality services to healthcare management, assisting them in maintaining financial viability through compliant, efficient business operations.

Over the past 30 years, The Rybar Group has worked tirelessly with providers nationwide across the spectrum of healthcare management and compliance issues, strategizing, implementing, appealing, negotiating and successfully resolving engagements. We have assembled a talented, driven team to help guide our clients through challenges facing their organizations. We are proud to say that our mission is realized daily, as our team stands as a nationally recognized and respected premier healthcare consulting firm.

You have my word that the dedication and drive that brought us through our first quarter-century will not diminish in the next. Now and always, meeting your healthcare management needs will be our focus, but exceeding them will be our goal.

Ronald K. Rybar, FHFMA
President, The Rybar Group