Cost Report Reimbursement Services

Director of Reimbursement

The Cost Report is more than just a reporting mechanism; it is actually an important strategic tool for ensuring that facilities are receiving the reimbursement that they are entitled to. Not only will it allow providers to understand their routine and ancillary costs, it also will help in the understanding of department profitability, the margin by payer, and other financial performance perimeters for the organization.

The Rybar Group understand the importance that cost reports hold for healthcare entities and have spent the past three decades developing a specialized expertise that offers our clients strategic guidance and confidence that they are optimizing the opportunities it represents.

Having worked with Medicare Administrative Contractors and Medicaid Auditors nationwide, we offer a record of successful negotiations and appeals including success at the Provider Reimbursement Review Board.

  • Strategic Guidance for Optimization
  • Prior Year Cost Report Reviews
  • Home Office and Allocation Strategies
  • Cost Report Preparation
  • Appeal and Negotiation Assistance
  • Wage Index Analysis
  • Mid-Year Contractual Review
  • Special Medicare Payment Designations
  • Bad Debt Assessment